Carbery Plastics 9000 Litre Vertical Potable Water Tanks are designed specifically for the storage of water is intended for human or animal consumption. Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene and UV stabilised to protect against the damaging effects of sunlight, Carbery’s Potable Tank range is ideal for supply of water in emergency situations. This product also comes with a factory fitted manhole (382mm).


  • Height: 2509mm
  • Diameter: 2312mm
  • Weight: 200Kg
  • Nominal Capacity: 9038 Litres
  • Brimful Capacity: 9438 Litres
  • Inlet Diameter: 382mm
  • Outlet Diameter: 50.8mm (2")
  • **Nominal capacity denotes 95% of brimful volume as per EN 13341
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  • Low Maintenance UV stabilised for protection against the damaging effect of sunlight
  • Manufactured from premium quality corrosion resistant material
  • OFCERT approved
  • Manufactured to ISO Standards
  • All Carbery Potable Water Tanks are supplied complete with a conditional, 5-year warranty against manufacturing, material and design defect.

  • 382mm Factory Fitted Manhole
  • 50.8mm (2”) diameter BSP bottom outlet

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