Our range of Chemical Dosing Tanks are available in a range of 6 optimally sized capacities from 50 litres to 700 litres. Benefiting from a space-efficient, ‘vertical’ design, they’re lightweight yet easily handled. Surprisingly strong, tough and durable, they’re engineered for a long and useful service life, with Single Skin and Open Bund models available.

Like all our Chemical Storage Tanks, our Dosing Tanks are manufactured from a specialist, chemical grade of  Polyethylene (PE), in accordance with the requirements of EN 13575 and Kiwa BRL K21008/02.

Single Skin Chemical Dosing Tanks

Mobile Reference Capacity Download Spec Sheet
STNL-0050V-002 50 litres
STNL-00100V-002 100 litres
STNL-00200V-002 200 litres
STNL-00300V-002 300 litres
STNL-00400V-002 400 litres
STNL-00500V-002 500 litres
STNL-00700V-002 700 Litres

Open Bund Chemical Dosing Tanks

Mobile Reference Capacity Download Spec Sheet
BTNL-00050V-002 50 litres
BTNL-00100V-002 100 litres
BTNL-00200V-002 200 litres
BTNL-00300V-002 300 litres
BTNL-00400V-002 400 litres
BTNL-00500V-002 500 litres
BTNL-00700V-002 700 litres
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  • Available with or without secondary containment
  • Corrosion-resistant – guaranteed to never rot, rust or corrode
  • Excellent impact resistance properties, even at low temperatures
  • One-piece moulding eliminates potential leak and chemical attack points
  • Smooth inner walls for ease of cleaning, maintenance and inspection
  • Extensive range of Carbery approved product options and accessories
  • Lighter and easier to handle than carbon and stainless steel alternatives
  • Manufactured from fully recyclable polymers

  • Installations must only be completed by a competent, independently accredited, storage tank installer
  • Prior to installation, a risk assessment must be completed
  • All Carbery Chemical Tanks must be installed on a flat, level, fire-resistant base
  • The base must support the underside of the tank in its entirety and extend beyond the sides of the tank
  • The base must be capable of supporting the weight of the tank and its contents when fully laden
  • All installations must comply with prevailing statutory requirements
  • Carbery Chemical Tanks must only be used for the storage of chemicals approved by Carbery Plastics
  • Limited or a Carbery Chemical Tank Partner

  • To confirm chemical suitability, please contact us before placing your order.

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