Our range of rainwater harvesting tanks is extremely versatile and can be used both above and below ground. Our high-quality rainwater harvesting tanks are manufactured from polyethene to ensure durability in both hot and cold weather conditions. Our tanks are available in varying capacities, shapes, sizes and diameters to ensure there is a tank to suit all requirements.
Rainwater harvesting tanks have continued to grow in popularity in Ireland due to the continuing rise in water prices. Harvesting rainwater is an excellent way to increase the amount of water at your disposal and is a free source of freshwater. Rainwater harvesting tanks are ideal for reducing your reliance on the municipal water supply while reducing costs.

What is rainwater harvesting?

The term ‘rainwater harvesting’ describes the process of collecting the run-off rainwater and storing it for later use. Rainwater harvesting tanks have a variety of uses, not least being used to satisfy your entire demand for non-drinking water.
Traditionally, rainwater harvesting was a manual and time-consuming job. However, innovative rainwater tanks gave made the process simple and fast for households and businesses alike. Rainwater harvesting is beneficial for all industries, from farming to construction and can also be used to meet individual households’ water requirements. The cost savings from utilising rainwater harvesting tanks are significant but there are also environmental benefits.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

Reduce Demand:

The demand placed on water services can be extreme, especially during the warmer summer months when the water supply can be low. Collecting rainwater ensures that you are not placing unnecessary demands on water services while also ensuring that you are not completely reliant on them if the supply does run short. This independence is a major benefit of rainwater harvesting tanks for both households and businesses alike.

Meet Both Commercial and Domestic Water Requirements:

Rainwater harvesting tanks can satisfy all the water requirements for both a household and a business, excluding drinking water. Daily water requirements like bathing, washing clothes and flushing toilets can all be met by utilising the runoff from rainwater. Ireland has a high percentage of rain when compared to other European countries and it is wasteful to not take advantage of this free water source. Rainwater is ‘soft water’ which lessens the need for detergents for cleaning clothes and can also reduce costs.

Reduce Costs

The cost of living is a major issue in Ireland and has significantly increased in recent times. Rainwater harvesting can significantly decrease the costs of both running a household and a business. Rainwater can be used as both the primary source of water and as a backup. The number of Irish people seeking advice on water conservation is rapidly rising and utilising rainwater tanks is the easiest method available.
Rainwater harvesting makes real economic sense as some 50 per cent of the water we use doesn’t need to be drinkable. The process is quick and easy by simply collecting the free rainwater that falls on the roof and channelling it via the existing gutters and downpipe to a filter which removes leaves and other debris before diverting the water to a storage tank.

Carbery’s Range of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

We have a wide range of rainwater harvesting tanks available to suit all requirements from large tanks, garden tanks and underground tanks. All our tanks are ideal for your home and garden. They can be used either by a pressure hose via the tanks built-in submersible pump or else the easy-to-use tap. Our tanks all have individual specifications:

1100 Litre Rectangular Rainwater Station:

Length – 1750 mm
Width – 670 mm
Height – 1260 mm
Weight – 82 kg
Capacity – 1174 Litres
Inlet Diameter – 190 mm
Outlet Diameter – 25.4 mm

900 Litre Compact Rainwater Station:

Length – 1750 mm
Width – 670 mm
Height – 1060 mm
Weight – 56 kg
Capacity – 980 Litres
Inlet Diameter – 190 mm
Outlet Diameter – 25.4 mm

300 Litre Garden Rainwater Station:

Height – 1300 mm
Weight – 25 kg
Capacity – 300 Litres
Diameter – 580 mm
Inlet Diameter – 190 mm

200 Litre Garden Rainwater Station:

Height – 936 mm
Weight – 20 kg
Capacity – 200 Litres
Diameter – 580 mm
Inlet Diameter – 190 mm

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Carbery Plastics is the industry leader for rainwater tanks in Ireland and can meet both domestic and commercial requirements. Our expert team are happy to discuss all our rainwater harvesting tanks if you need more information. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available.