Carbery’s 1350 Litres Vertical Non-Potable Water tanks are ideal for the storage of water in both domestic, commercial and agricultural environments, these tanks can be used for both non-potable water supply back-up and for rainwater harvesting. The aboveground rainwater tank range is ideal for existing premises, since it negates the requirement to undertake extensive civil works, as each tank can simply be placed directly on to a suitable base. All tanks incorporate a tank connection outlet, allowing with the addition a linking pipe Carbery Rainwater Harvesting Systems to be expanded limitlessly and effortlessly, via the inclusion of additional storage capacity. This product also comes with a factory fitted manhole (190mm). In addition to this, Carbery can supply a 3P filter & diverter kit to allow the connection of Carbery rainwater tanks to your premises’ downpipe. Furthermore, the are 2 options for submersible pumps – A basic system and Advanced system with main’s supply top-up and controller.


  • Height: 1245mm
  • Diameter: 1250mm
  • Weight: 40Kg
  • Nominal Capacity: 1309 Litres
  • Brimful Capacity: 1378 Litres
  • Inlet Diameter: 382mm
  • Outlet Diameter: 25.4mm (1")
  • **Nominal capacity denotes 95% of brimful volume as per EN 13341
  • **A 2 inch outlet can be supplied with this product upon request and at additional cost.Please specify at time of order placement. Please specify at time of ordering.
  • *A Tank Linking Kit can be supplied with this product upon request and at an additional cost. This allows the joining of 2 tanks in a battery system to increase capacity. For instance, this will allow the connection of 2 x 6000 litre tanks to give you the customer large capacity storage of 12,000 litres without the need for 2 systems. Please specify at time of ordering.
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  • Low Maintenance UV stabilised for protection against the damaging effect of sunlight
  • Manufactured from premium quality corrosion resistant material
  • OFCERT approved
  • Manufactured to ISO Standards
  • All Carbery Water Tanks are supplied complete with a conditional, 5-year warranty against manufacturing, material and design defect.

  • 382mm Factory Fitted Manhole
  • 25.4mm (1”) diameter BSP bottom outlet

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